For an important product launch we were in search of a luxurious, modern property and offering a unique atmosphere at the same time. The intermediary service of Unlimited Housing set itself apart by a personal approach which ultimately got us the perfect location. Our product launch became a success which we also have to thank Unlimited Housing for.”
Microsoft B.V.

Finding a right place to live can be time consuming and stressful. But Unlimited Housing brought the solution in a short time frame. An apartment in Amsterdam was needed within two weeks. After explaining the demanding requirements to Unlimited Housing, they came up with the very apartment matching our desire without shopping around for it. That saved time tremendously. Not only the apartment itself, but we are also very happy with the landlord who is kind and understands the life of expats. Unlimited Housing sincerely cares about clients’ satisfaction and brings pleasant living in Amsterdam.
Uchitani Consultancy